Monday, 31 October 2011

What do you mean, that's NOT Gillian Anderson?

OOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOooooh! It's Halloween.

This year has been quite fun really, we made fooooood :) We also had people round to help us eat it as well though. This was nice :)

For Saturday night's tea, we nommed on Pulled lamb which had been roasted with camomile tea leaves, rosemary, honey and other ...stuff, herbs and such. Roast purple carrots, beetroot, sweet potato, onion and baby corn...there may have been other veg...There was also potatoes, which were fried with lemon and...other things, I didn't make the food, I was working... Martha (JAF) Stewart controlled the kitchen wonderfully, and did, pure dead brullyantly.

For pudding, Martha made a strudel, and I made iced gingerbread cupcakes, and a haloweeny rocky road type thing, Sho brought cinder toffee, it was all rather lovely tbh. Well done all, and thank you for eating the nom :)

While eating we watched Evil Dead, The Candyman (who apparently doesn't star Gillian Anderson...sure it doesn't...*sigh* Chris still had a quiet fapp in the corner though...WE ALSO watched Beetlejuice aaand people left, which led to Crai and I watching the end of Halloween and the (new (crap)) Friday 13th.

Woke to leftovers, big cup of tea and a bacon roll, woooo!

I have not been posting bento enough, and I have been making a few recently, I shall start with the latest and work back...
Riiiight, we have Iberico ham and choritzo carbonara with scrambled egg skull and crossbones. Raw purple carrots, baby tomato and carrot. Iced gingerbread cupcake.
A selection of smoked salmon and pepperoni sushis with general raw veggies. Dried bananas and nuts.

Mainly rice and tuna, pudding is dark chocolate and the same fruit and nut combo as the one above.

Egg noodles with sweet chilli and hoi sin sauce with caramelized pork. Edamame and a pumpkin shaped onigiri with carrot, spring onion and avocado.

That is it. So far :)