Monday, 2 December 2013

Might as well be today...

...that I blog...why not, huh? 

I have started with Christmas things, there are lights up, and the mantlepiece looks lovely...there are some who have presents sorted, though many who I still have no clue of what to get them...but it will be done...

...there is one fingerless glove made in Dr Who style, its cool...I just need to get round to finishing the other one...

OOOH! I received mail the other day from limboo! Super exciting!! Loads more than I ordered, which was, the secondd of her zines! IT'SSOCOOL!! I love them, and their dark, light humour, it's ace! But the extras were awesomes and there were so many!! So I am slowly writing a 'Thank You!" pack which will arrive some how at some point...probably next year :p

I need to sort out foodie things and crafty things...was thinking of sewing type things, cause knitting takes FOREVER!!! Foodie things will be yummy things, and there might be preserved thing, which will also be yummy, just in a jar...maybe even to go with the other always, there will be a theme to join them altogether...not sure what it will be yet... :D


I failed driving test no. 1 today...oh well!

Ciao for now, enjoy the festivities!!!!11!!!111111!!! =D

Monday, 25 March 2013

Thoroughly Sorted Out

Today I managed to spend an hour at the bank. Woo. Totes overjoyed at that I'm sure you can tell...BUT I have stuff sorted and all I have to worry about is staying in work and nothing much else...

...I'm back from holiday where I was total hell to be with...tiredness and shit weather are not really good ingredients for a happy Iona...oh well...stupid unseasonal month of winter that we're having! We did, however see some awesome friends and saw some cool things here and there :) Oh, and shopping, lots of shopping was done!! But, yeah, I was not really a nice person to be with last week...which I suppose is okay, as I feel guilty and am being nice cause that makes it all better?

*Sigh* whatev's...


Were basically home really :)

Bought loads of this lovely crockery!


Monday, 4 March 2013


Today is the day that is like my Sunday, where I usually sleep until I get up with half an hour to get ready for driving lesson with was different...yes different, I havn't locked anyone in before...

...sooo, JAF left for work, haahaa...and I slept...until bout 930am, rolled out of bed and showered, then decided I wanted to make sushi and tempura prawn...which I did...and had a banana too, yay...made some Thai Green soup while the rice was cooking and delved to the back of the T.V. where the Goccos were in hiding...

nommed on sushi and contemplated while drawing owls...printed owls off and Gocco'd didn't work, one side of the Gocco didn't flash, not so I tried again...and swapped the bulbs...same thing happened...again...*SIIIIGH*

All was not lost though as I found a slide that I had flashed, but not printed yet, and almost had fun...

...I looked at the clock and ran...was on. time. for Driving lesson.

Today was all new, there were 46749867 roundabouts on the way to Cove, which was nice, of course...and then we went through Torry (where I had to lock the doors cause some c**t is carjacking learner drivers) where I followed a guy skateboarding in the middle of the road and forgot I was turning left...ooops...uhm... there were many people walking in front of me without checking, a couple of people cutting me off and pissing teacherman off a tad...THEN on one of my last turns, a 23 bus pulled out and nearly mowed me down, that was niiiiiiiiiice...BUT aside from being a little dodgy, the lesson went REALLY well, I didn't screw up the roundabouts and Terry said I coped REALLY well, well done me...oh....and a guy cut in front of me from the left hand lane when I was attempting to turn right, in the right hand lane...*rambles*...was was cool was driving nice and fast...and  the general lesson was fun, oh, and gear changes are cool also...speeding accidentally... twice... isn't soooo cool though "Iona, can learner drivers get points on their license?", "probably", "Yes, they can, speeding is 3, you get 6 and they take it away", "Hmmm, ok, nice to know..."

THEN I came home...
and Gocco'd til JAF came home...well, after I nommed some are some pictures:

Thursday, 28 February 2013

New stuff

I worked today, of course, it was all cool, and busy all day, but still quite nice, the staff that was in were great and all worked really hard, and REALLY well :) Thanks Guys!!

Then I went to town and just went to one shop, the Offset 57 shop in the Academy, it was really cool, a little sparse, but really cool all the same, and I suppose the sparsness was apt as it was artsy, as it should be...I are bought Nick a birthday pressie, and lots of Limboo's things that they had on sale, super cute and awesomes!!

I do need to artify, and now that there is Supersize vs Superskinny on, I shall maybe sit cross legged oin floor and doodle...lots...or I could find my PoGo...which has completely disappeared! Super annoying! Cause I needs it for a work thing, SO ANNOYING! It is Ridicculuss!

Heyho!! We see what I get up to in the next couple of blogseses!

Blarp!! Ciao Ciao Lovelies! xx

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


So, I thought that having a missing 't' key wouldnt be a total loss. Covering it with a pretty piece of paper didn't make it any better...damn, I wish it had been a 'z' or 'q'. I'm never in the area of 'q'...*siiiigh*

This has been an interesting week at work. I've been thinking alot about food and have made some new stuff for the Cafe. If you like hummus, then you'd be happy...but there will be more to come!

Ah, I am still drivinating, which is fun, I think, and finally Jaf has insured me on his car, yaaaaaay! So that's fun, except my foot hurts...and roundabouts are like craaaaazy mofo, crazy...but, hey...I have to do this shizzle...damn gears and looking and judging and driving and not screaming circles of hell...

Uhm, art and the lack thereof...uhm, I've done a photo frame for someone at the Village...but that's it, I do however have a pyrography (?) tool, SO, I can burn bits of wood :)

ciao ciao xxx

Monday, 11 February 2013

While avoiding

Doing the washing up I thought that I might use the time partially productively by blogging about...not a great deal...
So I started a crochet blanket before Christmas and am still at it, did the usual thing of getting into a newly learned thibg and burning out after a certain stage and telling myself (also known as lying) that I'd go back to it tomorrow...and lo it is past Christmas, more near Easter, and I have only just picked it up again...
When I left it, it looked like loads of these:

whereas now, I have a slowly mounting pile of these:

So that is what I'm working on for now, it will take around ten years for me to finish, as per :) Take care, lot's of love xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


So today was pretty lame all in all...not totes sure why, one good thing was the amount of snow though, which by the end of the day was sufficient enough to make a wee snowman for my bus buddy :)

Just not feeling that great in the mind...not that I'm nuts, but that I'm maybe just not too happy about something, dunno, last year was pretty trying by the end, and Jan could have started better...all in all I'm happy, nothing is wrong with life etc, I'm just a bit...dunno, lost feeling? *shrugs* MEH, this has made me start doodling and stuff though.

I have also started swaps again, and have decided on arty ones soooo...yeah...

ciao, from flat Iona xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

No Snow :(

So, it would seem that Blogger has, once again, updated in the time it has taken me to write another post...lordy, you would think that blogging was the most difficult thing to do in the world. Thing is, if people going through war, illness and government censorship can get a blog or two through, I don't have any excuses...the same goes for my lack of art...craft...mixed media etc.

So, here I am...again...Happy New Year to all of you...who read this pitiful excuse of ramblings...

ANYWHO...The last months of 2012 were...hmm...shall we say, trying...which in my eyes is quite an understatement...major mind screws and a couple of upsetting pieces of news, one of which only just hit me on Friday, these are only one aspect of the last year that made going to work trying...but, heyho!

Christmas was mainly good, was really nice having two weeks of not being in the village, as although I love it there, it is still full on, and I don't even live there...

So, I don't think I have mentioned that I'm learning how to drive, thins brings it's own special hell, but is also a strange way, just wish I could learn faster!!! Just thinking of all the freedom it'll bring later, and about all the road trips that probably won't actually happen...wooo *sigh*

There is some low feeling, but today it's more cause there is no snow, I LOVE snow, but here in Aberdoom, there is barely any, it's just cold, which is not very nice...why it so cold and there is no snow, TELL MEEE!!! I am fed up of driving in the rain, snow would make it more interesting!

Riht, ought to get dressed and start drawing or whatever it is I'm doing...

Ciao xx