Monday, 2 December 2013

Might as well be today...

...that I blog...why not, huh? 

I have started with Christmas things, there are lights up, and the mantlepiece looks lovely...there are some who have presents sorted, though many who I still have no clue of what to get them...but it will be done...

...there is one fingerless glove made in Dr Who style, its cool...I just need to get round to finishing the other one...

OOOH! I received mail the other day from limboo! Super exciting!! Loads more than I ordered, which was, the secondd of her zines! IT'SSOCOOL!! I love them, and their dark, light humour, it's ace! But the extras were awesomes and there were so many!! So I am slowly writing a 'Thank You!" pack which will arrive some how at some point...probably next year :p

I need to sort out foodie things and crafty things...was thinking of sewing type things, cause knitting takes FOREVER!!! Foodie things will be yummy things, and there might be preserved thing, which will also be yummy, just in a jar...maybe even to go with the other always, there will be a theme to join them altogether...not sure what it will be yet... :D


I failed driving test no. 1 today...oh well!

Ciao for now, enjoy the festivities!!!!11!!!111111!!! =D