Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nothing better to do

Other than blog or read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... decided to blog instead, still with the prickle of pepper from my chilled sausage roll rolling aeound my mouth breaking through the coating of fat numbing most everything else...grand way to spend a morning. ..might wash it away with intesting and tooth melting red bull in a mo as I'm sure that I'm boring you already :)

So, the cafe has been closed for a couple of days as the heating died, has meant however, a wee holiday in the craft studio, and has opened up a new way of getting to know some day placements and villagers. Usually its difficult in the café as it's busy, the public are demanding and there are lot's of health and safety issues that don't really promote drunkeness by laughter...

...however, I have missed the café, and coffee tasting coffee (thanks MacBeans, Aberdeen). The normality makes time go a bit slower and so thia week has rushed away, it's already Thursday for gods sake. Oh, and I'll be late, so that's more rushing, damn FirstBus...Soooo tired, the past few weeks have been totally draining, so busy, so mind scewing and just...plain tiring...will I quit, no, I think not.

It is now lunch, the place is freeezing, but open, all I hear about is how cold it is, I have a silly hat on though, so I don't mind that my fingers are froooozenated :)

Do not like the overuse of the phrase 'especially in a commercial environment' used all too often by a certain coworker :p

Ciao ciao xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


So, I work too much now, I have no time for friends, or art...really...I am now at my 'work' 6 days a week, leaving one day for J and I to spend together...oh boohoohoohoohoo!! HAAHAAHAA! nah, I wouldn't be there so often if I didn't like it...would I!?!?!

The only time I have for artistic stuff is when I am at the Craft Studio on Mondays, and when I get home from work...when I journal...and they aren't great, basic mind scribbles is all, mostly done while watching Firefly and the Olympics like...

SO, small gallery of whatever, I suppose xx

Core Beliefs are pretty much Ronseal - Scone rant about the scone brigade at work.

Someone asked me what I did at work, used this to help answer - This is mind dribble made with biro

Clangers, got new stuff, was playing - Saw Brave and got all Scottish w/ paint

So, that is all that there is, there are no pictures of the Craft Studio stuff as I havn't taken any...yet...and often, my phone is at Death's door when I'm there...cause I'm a bit of a muppet... woo!

Ciao, don't get too damp out there in our wonderful summer! xx

Saturday, 7 July 2012


So, I was meant to update more of the London trip, buuut I if you would like more, then plague me and ask, and I shall let you see the journal we wrote when we visited. We did have a really good time of it though!

So, why am I here, rambling over a page that is not read...because, that is why, just because.

Ehm, well, I am missing a birthday celebration and that is annoying, as I don't feel amazing, and it is at a cool wee place down at the beach, would have been nice to see folk, hmmm...

...It is pure raining at the moment, which is kinda ok, as I am indoors, and watching it being all grey and miserable, would be nice if there was also some thunder, but then I'd have to stop listening to Gotan Project...oh, the new Cornetto things are pretty nice, but I still prefer Betty's in Stonehaven....

We have now started a thing for home made pop corn, which is nice, though the husks get stuck in my teeth, which is dead painful! :(  But coming up with new flavours is quite fun :) Last night was cinnamon sugar, which is totally ftw :)

bye x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Riiiight, with the smell of peroxide spurring me on to write...I thought I would try to update the blog, something that happens VERY rarely that I think the last time I gave the whole place a bit of a shiggle and changed my profile etc.

Not that much happens to me really...UHM...Jaf and I went to London a couple of weeks ago, that was rained loads, but that meant that there were a couple of really cool photos :)

Trafalgar Square from the National Gallery 
We saw some people that had moved back home after uni, which was really nice.

On the Monday we arrived and it was we met Rachel at Covant Garden and had paella...not before stopping at the Moomin shop now I have a Little Mi cookie cutter, which I havn't used yet, even though it is TOTALLY EXCITING!! After the foods we had a wander, to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, which was soggy, then a bit overpowering with the glorifying Jesusness...though not horribly horrid...

...From there we avoided puddles towards the Mile to Buckingham Palace, which we saw, kind of, through the stage and seating for the birthday bash the U.K. gave the was ok, like a whitish house in the rain really :p.

We the n decided to walk around Pall Mall and find a patisserie and have some coffee and cake, cake ftw! Sadly we were left to our own devises as Rach had to dash off! It was great seeing her, if only it had been for a little longer!

I'll update with more laters...

Friday, 20 April 2012

Gunther von Hagens, it will be upsetting when he dies.

Gunther von Hagens will most probably die this year, way before his time, taken by severe Alzheimer's, I find this deeply saddening. His work was and still is awe inspiring and I feel that the world could have seen things in a different light, if there was more time for him.

I feel if you think he's just controversial, you havn't thought enough about yourself...from what I have seen, he has revealed to us what we are, and it is the usual human thing where we can't face that we are animals...the Crucifiction was amazing, and the fact that religious types may find it abhorrent is the most humorous thing of all, there are images of Christ in pure form, self-righteously paraded around the globe as an advert for a life of feeling worthless, and not good enough. The whole sin and be punished, when 'god' has given us the right to chose our own path, where we can do no wrong in 'his' eyes...and where 'Jesus' died for our sins, though 'we' can still contradiction...where an image much more life-like, much more real, is too much, and apparently disgusting... just shows that we are living in a dream land... the images where it shows true death invoke feelings the world cannot handle, because they themselves feel they are holier than the blinkers and denial are put up...pieces of art like Gunther's are scandalous because they remind up what we are avoiding...

done with ramble... if you want to post comments of hate, don't expect an answer... this man is akin to the naked rambler...if we faced to our own realities, we wouldn't be so shocked, and in my mind, we would all be much more 'Christian' than those who step over the homeless to get to church, and we may understand the death of humanity we have created through the spread of the religious poison.

actually done with the ramble.