Tuesday, 7 August 2012


So, I work too much now, I have no time for friends, or art...really...I am now at my 'work' 6 days a week, leaving one day for J and I to spend together...oh boohoohoohoohoo!! HAAHAAHAA! nah, I wouldn't be there so often if I didn't like it...would I!?!?!

The only time I have for artistic stuff is when I am at the Craft Studio on Mondays, and when I get home from work...when I journal...and they aren't great, basic mind scribbles is all, mostly done while watching Firefly and the Olympics like...

SO, small gallery of whatever, I suppose xx

Core Beliefs are pretty much Ronseal - Scone rant about the scone brigade at work.

Someone asked me what I did at work, used this to help answer - This is mind dribble made with biro

Clangers, got new stuff, was playing - Saw Brave and got all Scottish w/ paint

So, that is all that there is, there are no pictures of the Craft Studio stuff as I havn't taken any...yet...and often, my phone is at Death's door when I'm there...cause I'm a bit of a muppet... woo!

Ciao, don't get too damp out there in our wonderful summer! xx