Saturday, 7 July 2012


So, I was meant to update more of the London trip, buuut I if you would like more, then plague me and ask, and I shall let you see the journal we wrote when we visited. We did have a really good time of it though!

So, why am I here, rambling over a page that is not read...because, that is why, just because.

Ehm, well, I am missing a birthday celebration and that is annoying, as I don't feel amazing, and it is at a cool wee place down at the beach, would have been nice to see folk, hmmm...

...It is pure raining at the moment, which is kinda ok, as I am indoors, and watching it being all grey and miserable, would be nice if there was also some thunder, but then I'd have to stop listening to Gotan Project...oh, the new Cornetto things are pretty nice, but I still prefer Betty's in Stonehaven....

We have now started a thing for home made pop corn, which is nice, though the husks get stuck in my teeth, which is dead painful! :(  But coming up with new flavours is quite fun :) Last night was cinnamon sugar, which is totally ftw :)

bye x