Thursday, 28 April 2011

Now we have chairs!

The other half and I made chairs last night. They are purple and they live in the kitchen. This means that I can sit at the table and use the laptop there, and feel mucho importance... I can also look at more interesting things online while listening to the, afore mentioned, other half makes tea for us... I like these chairs. =]

While living in Aberdeen, for the second time round, I have found time and space to be more creative than I was in the past two resi...three, residents I have been in. This becomes quite apparent if you open the door to the living room...most of the time. There are a few projects that I have been working on, NONE of them are per...BUT I have great plans and they will be such times that I come home from work and don't feel like keeling over and sleeping...till such a time I will continue to increase the ever growing pile of work that I already have. This means that I will never have nothing to do, and given that they are all in different media, it means that I (hopefully) won't get bored of them...and that when they are finished, they will be immensely cool as JellyBelly Beans!

Yes, I seem to be (finally) quite happy, and pretty grounded, though, work will ALWAYS be the bane of my life, as will he is a complete pain in the backside quite the nicest possible way...of course!...Dearest...


Art blog in it I suppose;

1) The cross stitch (thought I'd go with the boring first).

2) The quilting, an ongoing 4/5 year project

3) On a more sinister note...a watercolour skull

4) More twisted, and better than some before are the weird beings that I make...

Sorry for the poor quality, but I was impatient and couldn't be bothered with uploading the right I am tired, and shall be going now...

much love, Iona xx

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