Saturday, 7 May 2011

The post FINALLY arrived

...In my arms, at the depo... *SIGH* BUT IT'S ALL HERE!!! YAY!

I was gonna do a great video unveil, BUT I can't be bothered and look really haggard right now anyway!

'Box Appetit' - Rectangle
It is DINKY! But in the good way, very durable feeling, with a satisfying 'click' and 'thunk' when you open and close it.
There is a dimple for sauce, a sauce tub, a fork, and a divider. The sauce pot has this weird hinge, but seems that it'll be fine, just a little quirky. It is all smooth and quite clunky, and streamline... if that makes any sense at all? Should be able to get a medium meal in here, so long as its well packed, with all the divider and sauce pot in it, it'll be a smaller meal, but the box is still about 2" deep...soo...should be adiquate for a lunch, also depends what you put in it! :)
Oh, there is also this wee bit for the fork, or chopsticks to slot in to the top of the tub, its handy,
as they wont fit in the box, but it also means that it wont be flush, for packing in bags.
'Box Appetit' - Square

This is sorta exaclty the same as the other one, but...different....same materials used, and the same type of sauce container, fork and the same dimple in the lid. The difference is that it is square *laffs* and that it has a triangle tub as a separator instead of the spacer that the other had. I kinda prefer it as the idea of arranging food in it is more appealing, hence this being mine, the other was El Ginge's choice, and though the more classic shape, I'll possibly find it harder to pack. Ehm, this box also has the same loop for the fork, but I think it'll be easier to pack the fork into the box, therefore making it more streamline.
With both of these boxes, however, there has been a problem with the hinges for the lids breaking. If this happens let Black & Blum know, they seem more than happy to replace the lid for you!


'The Just Bento Cookbook'
This is the 'boring' one of the two that I bought! Mainly cause I have been looking at it for a good two years or so, and finally decided that I would spend money, and I am glad! It is pretty darn good! Many ideas and lots of information. Having only flicked through it, I can only say that I noticed that it repeats how to make rice more than twice, BUT a great advantage is the timeline, which sets out when to defrost things, cook things, for the Bento that you have chosen to copy, think Jamie's 30 min Meals, without the lisp and the poncey pretentiousness...

'Yum-Yum Bento Box'
The one that El G chose...cause he sees silly things and likes them...*SIGH*
It is, however, VERY CUTE, and will deffo be opened more than once in it's lifetime. It seems to be in the mondset of 'add eyes and a smile' and the lunch will taste nicer, lol! They have a great section on bento boxes and accessories, as well as a fun section on the anatomy of things Bento, with suggestions of what makes heads, ears etc, and ideas to make things like veg more interesting...often by adding ears and a smile... :) It is more fun! It is more childish though, and it gives me a bit of a kick thinking that a grown-up solicitor will be eating a little elf head for his lunch...El G is my practice for when I have children to make lunches for... I think this is the only thing that would make me a little broody tbh. It has wee bits for getting kids involved, and using their pics as ideas...but that is something for the DISTANT future ;)
As well asit being kinda for kids, it is also full of actual cooking tips, and skills needed for the creation of the CUTEST things you'd ever see in a lunchbox... yes, I like this book! It fills me with GLEE! The good kind, not the TV 'show'!

There rmay be more pics of inside the books, but there you go for now! I have to leave for work, BOO!

ciao xx

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