Monday, 27 June 2011

Kendal Mint Cake

Tonight, I have worked out that ALL, not just a couple, of my problems are stress related.

This is not just because of work, and all the things that comprise the whole of one of my days, but because of everything that has lead up to today, this second, and the next. I carry A LOT of weight on my shoulders, and have an elephantine memory for things that I can relate to other moments in my daily life, and for things out of the norm.

It is strange, I have just mentioned that I have an elephantine memory, yet, horrible things happening to me I don't remember so being pushed down the stairs when leaving chemistry with everyone which is, as Sho pointed out, probably why I have a feeling of nervousness and general uneasiness about anyone following me up or down the stairs...this was a horrible feeling I had, but could not fathom the reason for it. It wasn't until I was reminded that I relived the horrifying embarrassment, I did, however, feel some form of was like, I'm weird about many things, but for the stairs thing, I have a reason, yay!

I also can't remember the pain of breaking my arm, though am constantly worried that my hand will fall off if I carry heavy things, unless it is trays of plates etc, then, it is my back that seizes and the pain of sneezing at the wrong moment is imminent. Yes, be careful how you sneeze my pretties!

YES, anyway! I am back hurts, no, aches. I am THE most moody person in the whole world, I feel like crap aaaalll of the time, until I leave work... then I remember I have to go back to work...and turn into that there mental shebitch again...

I have worked out that I am proper stressed, and now I can work on making myself, less...stressed, and more...caaaaalllllllmmm...


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