Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nothing better to do

Other than blog or read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... decided to blog instead, still with the prickle of pepper from my chilled sausage roll rolling aeound my mouth breaking through the coating of fat numbing most everything else...grand way to spend a morning. ..might wash it away with intesting and tooth melting red bull in a mo as I'm sure that I'm boring you already :)

So, the cafe has been closed for a couple of days as the heating died, has meant however, a wee holiday in the craft studio, and has opened up a new way of getting to know some day placements and villagers. Usually its difficult in the café as it's busy, the public are demanding and there are lot's of health and safety issues that don't really promote drunkeness by laughter...

...however, I have missed the café, and coffee tasting coffee (thanks MacBeans, Aberdeen). The normality makes time go a bit slower and so thia week has rushed away, it's already Thursday for gods sake. Oh, and I'll be late, so that's more rushing, damn FirstBus...Soooo tired, the past few weeks have been totally draining, so busy, so mind scewing and just...plain tiring...will I quit, no, I think not.

It is now lunch, the place is freeezing, but open, all I hear about is how cold it is, I have a silly hat on though, so I don't mind that my fingers are froooozenated :)

Do not like the overuse of the phrase 'especially in a commercial environment' used all too often by a certain coworker :p

Ciao ciao xx

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