Wednesday, 9 February 2011

For Tuesday...

Right! HOME! Finally! Today I had it in my head that I started at 930am… Got the 7am bus so that I would get in town for the right time, went to Starbucks for some Joe and a brownie. Then walked into to work, got changed and started.

Karen: “Are you supposed to be here? I didn’t think you were in.”,
Me: “Ehm, I think so, I’ll go check…”,
“Ah, 12pm til 5pm, damn, must have looked at next weeks rota, oh well, want me to stay anyway?”,
Karen: “Ah, oops, Yeah, if you can, that’ll be a big help, I’ll just put you down for overtime then.”, she smiled.

So, yep, been up since 615am…silly Iona!

On to the arts!

Well, right this second I am boiling a hare head…so that I can use the skull for…something… might see about the same with a pheasant, though I think dad may have already dealt with all of those, but yes, macabre as it may be, that is (among other things) what I am doing tonight! Mwaahaahaahaa!

Aside from that, and the grumbling at my Dad, who seems to think that I do NOTHING around the place, and that when I work I do NOTHING (probably true) *clears throat* Yes, a
side from the boiling to a second death of a wee head, I’ll be working on my ‘Egg to Fairy’. I started this last night, and it has been fun. The body work is done, and some base paint has been applied, it is, as you can see, pretty small, and fiddly, but was still fun to do. It is one of those things that I have though about doing for a while, as it would seem have created my own race of ‘fairies’.
These are not fairies in the ‘true’ sense of the word, they seem to be more like tiny gods of passing time, and of the passing over. Usually they are warriors, or watchers (for example the birthday gift I gave to a colleague would be considered as a watcher, rather than a warrior) protecting us from the harm that may come, or just watching us, learning our behaviours, making sure we are all fine and well.

They are humanoid, and they do have wings, but they have what is like a birds head, their feet and legs aren’t always normal in the sense of fingers and toes. It is also apparent th
at they often have limbs designed on the task that they are to fall into within their long (they live for a good few decades) lives.

I can hear you now, no, I lie, I heard you when I was talking about the head, “OH MY GOD IONA, you are soooo WEIRD!”, Gah, no I am not!

Regarding the Head

Many chefs use the head in the same way, often finding the cheeks of animals wonderful, sucking out the brains with glee, and you know, using them in the making of stock, regarding every bit of the carcass useful. They then discard of it and it is binned, or at the most, used in animal feed. At least I am recycling. Woop!

We have lost our sense of actually who we are in the world. If we were still wild, and able to hunt a hare, we would do as the animals do. Eat it all, including crunching satisfyingly on the bones and sucking every single bit of the nourishment out of it. Humans being the only anim
al on earth that has a complex about its body, the only animal that seems to feel the need to cover up would (and still do) use the skin for clothing and the skull as some part of a headdress, or as part of voodoo magick, also known as, religion.

Plus, it is all part of my charm.

Regarding the Fairies

They may be a bit dark, some would say creepy, but that is the way I am. How many of you who judge can say that you have created another race!

They are not there to harm us, well, not yet anyway, they may go all 'Small Soldiers' on our faces, but for the now, they are for good. I liken them to the Native Americans, the 'fairies' watch us, learn from us, try to make the world a better place. At least they aren't destroying the planet, the most harm they do is the occasional breaking of a cup, or pulling out a cat's whisker as it hoists its self on for a lazy ride. Hardly noticeable, but we would miss them if they weren't here!

Plus, so what if I'm weird, I'm creative, and not harming you. I could run at you while eating worms making stabby motions with knives under my fingernails.

Now which do you prefer?

Ciao for now! xx

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