Thursday, 10 February 2011

Today is, let's see, ah, Thursday

It has just dawned on me that I am not going be in my room for much longer...February seems to be running away with me, some what too quickly. Mainly due to sleeping late and working everyday... then staying up, sleeping in guessed it...going to work! It's not great for an artistic type. *SIGH*

As for the whole room thing, right now it looks like a bomb has hit it... part of my tidying thing is to pull everything out so that I can give it a RIGHT GOOD TIDY... exhausting, but worth it for the couple of days I remember to keep it tidy...
Oh, just remembered that I'll be in town on Friday night...hopefully going home on Sat after work though...meaning that I need to (hide) tidy one thing away if the ginger one is taking me home... *sigh*

There is one main problem to this tidying lark... I am TIRED, and after not eating all day, then eating a plate of Pheasant fricasay (?), I'm also a bitty too full... also, I HATE's boring and more tiring than it feels like it's worth... but, tidy room, tidy mind? *shrugs*

Need another holiday...only just came back from a WHOLE week off...doesn't feel like I had any time at all... Feel like I'm getting old, all I do is complain, heh!

Right, bored now, take care, I'll update with some other creepy thing later...when I have finished the almighty bomb site that is my room. *cries*


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