Friday, 20 April 2012

Gunther von Hagens, it will be upsetting when he dies.

Gunther von Hagens will most probably die this year, way before his time, taken by severe Alzheimer's, I find this deeply saddening. His work was and still is awe inspiring and I feel that the world could have seen things in a different light, if there was more time for him.

I feel if you think he's just controversial, you havn't thought enough about yourself...from what I have seen, he has revealed to us what we are, and it is the usual human thing where we can't face that we are animals...the Crucifiction was amazing, and the fact that religious types may find it abhorrent is the most humorous thing of all, there are images of Christ in pure form, self-righteously paraded around the globe as an advert for a life of feeling worthless, and not good enough. The whole sin and be punished, when 'god' has given us the right to chose our own path, where we can do no wrong in 'his' eyes...and where 'Jesus' died for our sins, though 'we' can still contradiction...where an image much more life-like, much more real, is too much, and apparently disgusting... just shows that we are living in a dream land... the images where it shows true death invoke feelings the world cannot handle, because they themselves feel they are holier than the blinkers and denial are put up...pieces of art like Gunther's are scandalous because they remind up what we are avoiding...

done with ramble... if you want to post comments of hate, don't expect an answer... this man is akin to the naked rambler...if we faced to our own realities, we wouldn't be so shocked, and in my mind, we would all be much more 'Christian' than those who step over the homeless to get to church, and we may understand the death of humanity we have created through the spread of the religious poison.

actually done with the ramble.


  1. According to Gunther von Hagens, he suffers from Parkinson's Disease, which is much different than Alzheimer's. His is not a case of dementia; his mind is still sharp.

    1. I stand corrected, however, he is still dying from his illness, before his is still very upsetting *sigh*