Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Riiiight, with the smell of peroxide spurring me on to write...I thought I would try to update the blog, something that happens VERY rarely...so rarely that I think the last time I gave the whole place a bit of a shiggle and changed my profile etc.

Not that much happens to me really...UHM...Jaf and I went to London a couple of weeks ago, that was cool...it rained loads, but that meant that there were a couple of really cool photos :)

Trafalgar Square from the National Gallery 
We saw some people that had moved back home after uni, which was really nice.

On the Monday we arrived and it was raining...so we met Rachel at Covant Garden and had paella...not before stopping at the Moomin shop though...so now I have a Little Mi cookie cutter, which I havn't used yet, even though it is TOTALLY EXCITING!! After the foods we had a wander, to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, which was soggy, then a bit overpowering with the glorifying Jesusness...though not horribly horrid...

...From there we avoided puddles towards the Mile to Buckingham Palace, which we saw, kind of, through the stage and seating for the birthday bash the U.K. gave the Queen...it was ok, like a whitish house in the rain really :p.

We the n decided to walk around Pall Mall and find a patisserie and have some coffee and cake, cake ftw! Sadly we were left to our own devises as Rach had to dash off! It was great seeing her, if only it had been for a little longer!

I'll update with more laters...

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