Wednesday, 27 February 2013


So, I thought that having a missing 't' key wouldnt be a total loss. Covering it with a pretty piece of paper didn't make it any better...damn, I wish it had been a 'z' or 'q'. I'm never in the area of 'q'...*siiiigh*

This has been an interesting week at work. I've been thinking alot about food and have made some new stuff for the Cafe. If you like hummus, then you'd be happy...but there will be more to come!

Ah, I am still drivinating, which is fun, I think, and finally Jaf has insured me on his car, yaaaaaay! So that's fun, except my foot hurts...and roundabouts are like craaaaazy mofo, crazy...but, hey...I have to do this shizzle...damn gears and looking and judging and driving and not screaming circles of hell...

Uhm, art and the lack thereof...uhm, I've done a photo frame for someone at the Village...but that's it, I do however have a pyrography (?) tool, SO, I can burn bits of wood :)

ciao ciao xxx


  1. I once read that T is the most used letter, turns out it's the second most after E!

    Also, more pictures of craftwork please.

  2. You can avoid said symbol, hardly easy, more vocabulary becomes used however...

    Yes, more colour on paper...I may have plans, hours run away so quickly, sadly...