Thursday, 28 February 2013

New stuff

I worked today, of course, it was all cool, and busy all day, but still quite nice, the staff that was in were great and all worked really hard, and REALLY well :) Thanks Guys!!

Then I went to town and just went to one shop, the Offset 57 shop in the Academy, it was really cool, a little sparse, but really cool all the same, and I suppose the sparsness was apt as it was artsy, as it should be...I are bought Nick a birthday pressie, and lots of Limboo's things that they had on sale, super cute and awesomes!!

I do need to artify, and now that there is Supersize vs Superskinny on, I shall maybe sit cross legged oin floor and doodle...lots...or I could find my PoGo...which has completely disappeared! Super annoying! Cause I needs it for a work thing, SO ANNOYING! It is Ridicculuss!

Heyho!! We see what I get up to in the next couple of blogseses!

Blarp!! Ciao Ciao Lovelies! xx

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