Monday, 25 March 2013

Thoroughly Sorted Out

Today I managed to spend an hour at the bank. Woo. Totes overjoyed at that I'm sure you can tell...BUT I have stuff sorted and all I have to worry about is staying in work and nothing much else...

...I'm back from holiday where I was total hell to be with...tiredness and shit weather are not really good ingredients for a happy Iona...oh well...stupid unseasonal month of winter that we're having! We did, however see some awesome friends and saw some cool things here and there :) Oh, and shopping, lots of shopping was done!! But, yeah, I was not really a nice person to be with last week...which I suppose is okay, as I feel guilty and am being nice cause that makes it all better?

*Sigh* whatev's...


Were basically home really :)

Bought loads of this lovely crockery!


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