Monday, 4 March 2013


Today is the day that is like my Sunday, where I usually sleep until I get up with half an hour to get ready for driving lesson with was different...yes different, I havn't locked anyone in before...

...sooo, JAF left for work, haahaa...and I slept...until bout 930am, rolled out of bed and showered, then decided I wanted to make sushi and tempura prawn...which I did...and had a banana too, yay...made some Thai Green soup while the rice was cooking and delved to the back of the T.V. where the Goccos were in hiding...

nommed on sushi and contemplated while drawing owls...printed owls off and Gocco'd didn't work, one side of the Gocco didn't flash, not so I tried again...and swapped the bulbs...same thing happened...again...*SIIIIGH*

All was not lost though as I found a slide that I had flashed, but not printed yet, and almost had fun...

...I looked at the clock and ran...was on. time. for Driving lesson.

Today was all new, there were 46749867 roundabouts on the way to Cove, which was nice, of course...and then we went through Torry (where I had to lock the doors cause some c**t is carjacking learner drivers) where I followed a guy skateboarding in the middle of the road and forgot I was turning left...ooops...uhm... there were many people walking in front of me without checking, a couple of people cutting me off and pissing teacherman off a tad...THEN on one of my last turns, a 23 bus pulled out and nearly mowed me down, that was niiiiiiiiiice...BUT aside from being a little dodgy, the lesson went REALLY well, I didn't screw up the roundabouts and Terry said I coped REALLY well, well done me...oh....and a guy cut in front of me from the left hand lane when I was attempting to turn right, in the right hand lane...*rambles*...was was cool was driving nice and fast...and  the general lesson was fun, oh, and gear changes are cool also...speeding accidentally... twice... isn't soooo cool though "Iona, can learner drivers get points on their license?", "probably", "Yes, they can, speeding is 3, you get 6 and they take it away", "Hmmm, ok, nice to know..."

THEN I came home...
and Gocco'd til JAF came home...well, after I nommed some are some pictures:


  1. Holy shit Iona the goccos look ace! Awesome! Where did you get the gocco printer thing? Well done with the driving lesson too!

  2. Hey, thaaank you! The goccos, one from ebay, one from the flickr page through pm, turned out it was from one of the women that was on 'Hotter than my Mum'...she was Scottish and had pure red hair and wore granny clothes :D

    I love them, but they are sodding expensive, got two with the idea of converting one to a traditional screen printer...but I'm lazy, so one for flashing, one for inks so far... :p

    It's fun though, and when I get hold of more bulbs, I'll let you know and you can have a play if you'd like