Friday, 17 January 2014

Day 2

The second time I have been running...I did it outside in the wet where the wolves the dark...I survived! :) left at around 7:15pm and was out for about half an hour! I did not die. Though my toes complained a bit and I was a wee bit wheezy from the cold air afterwards.

I would not say it was easy, but it was not as hard as I thought it was, and give I snaked through the side streets, I didn't get too bored as it broke it up a bit...

...back home to rice and a burger, and water and teeeaaaaa...and now sitting here, I feel reeeeaaaally cold, oh and was a little shaky with the chopsticks, but hey, I'm away to have shower soon, which will help, probably... :)

Oh, and new running top came in the post today, yay...its pink, whereas the photo looked red, bad people!!!

BYE! Boring blog overs!



  1. so your knees didnt explode! yay! i rememeber when i was about 18 i went jogging a few times and i only had one pair shoes some old dms so i wore those and it was ok. hmm pointless story. keep up the good work! i have been cleaning MOULD today. ugh...

    1. haahaa, no, they didn't, my toes almost did, but thats the cold and small shoes for you... :/ how did you manage in DMs, like, I lived in mine, and walked looooaaads, but running, no waaaaaaaaays!

      MOULD cleaning, the worst, worst luck mate! WORST LUCK!