Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I will still quit...

...So, I have started to do the Couch to 5K thing that the NHS has...I'm writing it here, in the blog in a half arsed attempt to keep at it, cause I've written it here...and I could do like a progress blog...thaaat, my friends, will stop more quickly than me and the 'running'...I'm already using the excuse that it is cold and wintery and stuffs...but, hey...I can live in hope that I won't fob the running off because of the weather and the fact I have no time...ach well, we'll see how it goes...I did a kinda run thing...but it was inside, to see if I could do the whole thing without dying, so when I go outside I have an idea of what I'm letting myself in for...and to let me know that I can do it...

That's all really...for Christmas I received a Blythe doll, its amaaaaaazing, and I love it!


  1. running is really terrible for your knees. why dont you try rollerblading or rollerskating? still a good work out but less painful. theres a guy at duthie park that brings his own mini traffic cones to skate around. it never fails to amuse. but yeah also the weather is rubbish id start slow maybe with a good bit of yoga which if you do it properly is really good for you. plus you can do it inside. you can also do pushups which is an all over body work out really. thats what id do if i could do if i could be arsed. and maybe i shall! who knows! not i for i am not the wizard of oz. p.s the new hair is effing fabulous btw. i may copy you and get a hair cut. xxx

    1. hiays!

      I have barefoot shoes (vibram) which are meant to stop you slamming your feet and make you run on the balls of your toes etc, so are meant to not make you screw your knees over...plus, the first time thing I did, I did it in bare feet, so, I'm gonna stick with this for a bitty...until I forget and it's cold...so I've already stopped =p ...but, yeah, was gonna do some sit-ups (have NEVER managed push-ups even when I was thin) cause I feel bad not running today, though apparently days off in between are importants!

      thanks for the hair thing, you totally should get it cut off (not that your hair is horrible) but it totally makes you feel more awake and stuff and things, pretty much, i loves that I finally did it, cause its a total fresh start feeling! :)