Monday, 28 April 2014

Keeping folk happy!

I thought I would do something to keep some people happy, and put some pics up as the card is now full. Not sure how this will all pan out, as if I have the energy, I might play with them, but we shall see, won't we!


Went to doctors, have new spray, I also have an appointment with ENT...hopefully they will scan my face...and head, and see if there is actually anything more wrong with me than the polyps (YUCK!). I stupidly read the interwebs and it's noted that it can be a sign of cancer! BUT, I have taken that with a pinch of salt, but, you know...I've had them for soooooooo long now, is does make your mind decide to be a bitch!

I have downloaded some past papers and am thinking of starting from scratch with the whole art thing, possibly make my way through  those things, and at some point sign up for a folio class, ought to do something that I actually enjoy!

Oh, and I've bought a new in it's ordered and being made in Germany :D SUPER EXCITED!


Nothing much really, have just been working really, as usual. I am avoiding a lovely day off in the sun today, as I woke with a horrible headache, but I will organise my Mondays better at some when I want to get some research shizzle for whatever projects I may or may not be doing...I just need to stop being so bloody lazy really, and stop caring about what people think of me. This is like the hardest!



  1. Amputate the nose!!! But not really! Yes! Do arty stuff always and forever. Every day is a new beginning full of possibilities. Also really like your pics! Sorry I didn't make it over today.. bloody stereo wasn't picked up till almost five. Boooo.

  2. Where were the woods photos taken? Looks super pretty!

  3. It's no problem! :) The woods were near Banchory Devenick? Shall I take you sometime, it's nice, and not too long :) Especially if you are taking photos here and there!