Monday, 30 June 2014


So, I feel enormous right now, and should do something about at this second, I'm wearing running clothes and am sitting at the computer, haahaa! Really wish I had a bossy friend who would drag me out so I could run and cry at the same time, curse at them, at myself and then feel good later on and apologize profusely to them later...any takers? I think I will go out today, after, I WILL go out today, after 1...there is no point in me wearing these horrid clothes without going out...

...I am also fed up of letting my nose make the, I ought to do something about it...even if it hurts like hell, which I'm sure it will...the migraines are much less frequent although I am still constantly in some pain...I'm just so SICK of being a miserable person. :) friggin nose.

There is also a wedding coming up, it would be nice to feel good about myself for that and good enough to be wearing nice clothes and shizzle...and to be happy enough to go outside in general...

...god, this is a moany one...but, FUCK my nose hurts and I, I'm sorry!

good old, happy Iona, being happy...woo!

I'm serious about the bossy friend btw!

oh, and after ENT = Rhinitis, I'm thinking chronic as she said I'd be on steroid spray for, like, forever...fuck YEAH!


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