Friday, 16 September 2011

Busy not Packing

I have been up tp a little crafting, firstly, it's crafting that I can stuff my face with, wooo, gingerbread cookies, with the dough left over from a birthday gift. They were iced with psychedelic colours, thanks to the gel colours I have, w

I should have been tidyi
ng, and packing etc, but the dough needed to be used, you know...wouldn't want it to stink up the, I did some washing up before and after making them, so it kinda counted, riiiiight?!?

The photo makes it look like I live in the 1970s, there is somethign about that that I quite like, reminds me of a load of my mum's cookbooks, which ar
e brilliant, but the pictures look horrid, and there is that weird yellow tint to that really the best that they could do back then? It's a wonder that anyone was into cooking at all back then, then...but yes, I like that they look pretty retro, ROFL!

Was paid today, this is actually a BAD thing, it means that I go out and I buy things...silly really...I shouldn't be allowed money...but, some of the things, I did need, like the dress that I'll never wear, the sandles that I'm wearing right now and the massively wide legged trousers...that I'm sure I'll wear at least once, stand on and trip up in! WOOO! I also went to John Lewis, also quite bad, though fun...
bought some more wool, pins & needles, felt and, and...and array of coloured threads...which change colour as you sew (jaw - to - floor stuf eh!). The important part is the felt though as, I made my first ever (since primary school) feltie!


It's all this blogs fault! The kwoozy blog! Mainly for the effort and honesty...and generally because of the way she writes etc....
I made a zombie, he is called Marcus...for no reason other than he told me that's what his name was...can't do anything about it...

So there, now my toes are freezing and I don't know if I can be bothered packing, though, it is FREEZING in town, and RAINING, and tomorrow is about going where it is warm, SO, I should get on, but really...the effort!

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