Thursday, 15 September 2011

Once Again

It has been an AGE since I last posted something here...tsk!

To be frank, I havn't even been that busy, and the new job is more suited to me, doesn't drain me, therefore, I really should have more up here...

sorry if this post doesn't flow, its just that I will be coming and going from it as I'm meant to be tidying as we're going away for a couple of days, and, it's always nicer to come back to a place that's like, PROPER, that's kinda what I'm up to.

I have a few paintings in finished mode, and one that I need to learn how to paint fleshy colours with...other than that it's done, need to frame something for a friend, that I said I'd give to her for her birthday LAST year...ooooops, yup, it's a bit of poor show...oh well... :s


...OK, It is FINALLY framed, just need to add loopy bits for string, and wrap it...and say another sorry, and she can have it, a year too late...better late than never though, isn't it?...Back to tidying I suppose!

...Pfffft! I've stopped! Plus reading blogs is sooo much more fun! You also get in the habit of going from blog to blog and reading for hours, and ending up with about 15 different tabs in one window...and filling the taskbar up with YET MORE tiny web icons to go back to...

...Today it's mainly Japanese craft type blogs, and the general japanesey theme..MY GODS I wouldn't mind living there for a good while!

Bored of writing now...ciao xx

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